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Johannes 3:16reads:” For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that everyone, those who believe in him, not perish, but have everlasting life“.

The great goal of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, is that we have eternal life in the closeness of God the father. Eternally in God's presence,starting from the moment that we as Christians accepted the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through our faith in Him and what He has accomplished on the cross for us all: The true freedom that Jesus has regained for us.

We have noticed that many Christians are struggling with their faith in the here and now. Many Christians are still “exploring” their being as children of the Highest and how they really can walk with God every day. How they really can have an intimate relationship with our Lord God Almighty.

Because we also have experienced this struggles to get there where God wants us to be, we want to reach out our helping hand to you on this road. To walk with you on a part of your life. To encourage you by a prophetic word of the Lord and through education. Help you to even more innovate your thinking and bring you closer to the Father heart of God..

If you wish a personal prayer or a prophecy for yourself,you can indicate this on the contact page. Also for your additional questions you can contact us here..

We wish you God's essential blessing!

The Godsfreedom team.

Lia, Johan, Christine, Michel, Martin, Asahyle en Wilma.